Winchester Cathedral Ringing Diary

Last updated 18/03/20

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Please be aware of the signing in/out procedures to meet with Health and Safety regulations. To keep the system practical, the following system is in place:

  • Ticks against the local ringers are recorded in the attendance book which will now double as a fire register.
  • A local ringer will be responsible for recording the number of visitors so that in the case of a fire we will know the total number of people to account for.

If you are a visitor, please make sure your presence is recorded on arrival!

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Following the completion of building works in the South transept, we have returned to using the normal route to access the ringing chamber. The external door is located towards the east end of the slype (the covered passage next to to the south transept).

On Sundays and Wednesday evenings, a volunteer will be on duty at the slype door to provide access until the published start of ringing time. Both the outer and an inner door require a security pass so visitors should please contact the Tower Secretary (Steve Lamb) in advance and he will arrange for you to be met.

With immediate effect, all ringing has been cancelled until further notice because of the COVID-19 outbreak